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Air Algerie AH5017 Passenger List



(07/25/14/1800PDT)--According to Seyibo Zamtou, a representative of continent-wide air navigation security agency Asecna, the plane was flying at 800 kilometers an hour (500 miles) and began slowing down and losing altitude in an abnormal fall. The flight took off from Ouagadougoua and was headed to Algiers, Algeria.  (BUSINESS WEEK)--


Press release
On July 25, 2014

Details on theft of AH 5017 July 24, 2014
ensuring Ouagadougou Algiers link
The MD83-type aircraft chartered by Air Algeria and operating the flight AH501, left Ouagadougou July 24 at 1 h 17 mn GMT, with, from reliable sources, one hundred and sixteen (116) persons 14 nationalities board.
After 21 minutes of flight, the control tower at the airport in Ouagadougou transferred the plane area control center of Niamey which manages air traffic on the part of the Malian territory where the aircraft evolved at the loss of contact.
The last radar contact was held in Niamey 1h 46 and the last call for the flight to Niamey was received 1h 47. After losing contact, the control center of Niamey alerted other aircraft traffic in the area, to try to revive communication with the flight AH 5017 and avoid collision. Without success.
The area where the accident occurred was the scene of potentially dangerous storm for training aircraft. These storm phenomena were actually provided by weather services ASECNA and related information available to all aircraft could fly zone.
The early hours of the loss of contact with the plane, ASECNA has activated crisis to monitor the evolution of the situation.
Press Contact: Harouna KINDO, Communication ASECNA
Email: | Tel: (221) 338 496 723 | (221) 773 753 669


The flight AH5017 crashed shortly before 2am Thursday, July 24, at about 45 Km from the village of Boulekesi in Mali. There is no chance of finding survivors, considering the state in which the aircraft debris were found in the late afternoon that same day. Aboard the plane, there were six crew members, all Spanish, and 110 passengers, including 28 Burkina Faso, 52 French, 6 Algerians, Lebanese 6, 5 Canadians, 4 Germans, 2 Luxembourg, 1 Nigerian, 1 Egyptian, Mali 1, Switzerland 1, Cameroon 1, 1 Belgian, 1 Columbia. Here is the official list of registered.

 7T-VJW-A330-200 Air Algerie-CDG-4.8.07
No Names Given names Nationalities
1 DIANE Daouda Burkina Faso
2 BASSINUDIA Rolandanla Burkina Faso
3 SOMDA Wilfried Burkina Faso
4 ZOUNGRANA Arsene Ben J Burkina Faso
5 ZOUNGRANA Ahmed Brice Burkina Faso
6 ZOUNGRANA Salim Rabdo Burkina Faso
7 SOMDA Winmalo Burkina Faso
8 SOMBIE Arona Jean Michel Burkina Faso
9 Ouedraogo Ouarda Yaci Burkina Faso
11 Koanda Kadidia Burkina Faso
12 YAMEOGO Aboubacar Burkina Faso
13 MANKOUDOUGOU Ouedraogo Burkina Faso
14 KABORENABOLE Mariata Burkina Faso
15 SOME DABIRE Baonidome Burkina Faso
16 SANDWIDI BIKYENGA March Burkina Faso
17 Kompaoré Sandrine Burkina Faso
18 BALLAN Omar Burkina Faso
19 HASSAN Roukaya Burkina Faso
20 HASSAN Mounji Burkina Faso
21 HASSAN Hussein Burkina Faso
22 HASSAN Zayatna Jwa Burkina Faso
23 HASSAN Mohamed Burkina Faso
24 ZAHER Salah Burkina Faso
25 ZAHER Chayma Burkina Faso
26 ZAHER Ali Burkina Faso
27 Ouedraogo Elora Burkina Faso
28 HASSAN Hassan Burkina Faso
29 Reynaud Zoe France
30 Reynaud Nathan France
31 Reynaud Michelle France
32 Reynaud Laure France
33 Reynaud Julia France
34 Reynaud Franck France
35 Reynaud Estelle France
36 Reynaud Eric France
37 Reynaud Alexis France
38 REYAUD Bernard France
39 Morreau Christelle France
40 CAMISSOGO Brahima France
41 RASTORGUEFF Ivan France
42 PARDINA Alain Pierre France
43 REDIN Mary Jesus France
44 CAILLERET Elino France
45 CAILLERET Chloe France
46 CAILLERET Bruno France
47 Boinard Caroline France
48 Sokambi Nadège France
50 GALLON Jennifer France
51 KNIT Frederic France
52 SCELLIER Patrick France
53 THROUGH Laurence France
54 Rauzier Jean Marie France
55 KAM Hervé Magloire France
56 JULIA Richard France
57 JULIA Paulina France
58 PLOICE Nicolas France
59 POLICE Didier France
60 LOUIS Speedwell France
61 LOUIS Jason France
62 GINESTE Veronique France
63 GINESTE Rodolphe France
64 GINESTE Mathis France
65 GINESTE Bertrand France
66 GINESTE Adrien France
67 ISNARD Mathieu France
68 VOLAN Maena France
69 PASCARD Jelly France
70 Joly André France
71 ZOLLER Jutta France
72 KLEIN Calvin France
73 KOUSSIKANA Rivel France
74 Ouedraogo Vinciana France
75 Ouedraogo Seydou France
76 Ouedraogo Samson France
77 Ouedraogo Noa France
78 LHEUREUX Maryse France
81 DEBAILI Lotfi Algeria
82 MERSBAH Omar Algeria
83 MESSAOUDI Boumediene Algeria
84 Messahli Noureddine Algeria
85 LAOUAS Hakim Algeria
86 KHALDI Mohammed Laid Algeria
87 AKHDAR Mohamed Lebanon
88 DEHAINI Bilal Lebanon
89 HAGE Joseph Lebanon
90 ALSYOUFI Fadi Lebanon
91 RESTOM Fadi Lebanon
92 Basma Randa Lebanon
93 PLAN Fabienne Canada
94 SOMDA Natahanael Canada
95 SOMDA Arielle Canada
96 KPODA Angelic Canada
97 PREVOST Isabelle Canada
98 DEHAINI Rayan Germany
99 DEHAINI Olivia Jabinc Germany
100 DEHAINI Malik Germany
101 BERNT Corinna Germany
102 AREND Camille Luxembourg
103 SIEBENALLER Noémie Luxembourg
104 Ogbu Emmanuel Osi Tamr Nigeria
105 ASHRAF Ahmed Hegazy He Egypt
106 Diallou Bakary Mali
107 Pingoud Florie Esther Switzerland
108 MBIAHOUKEMAJOU Loren Cameroon
109 GUILLAUME Dominique Belgium
110 MORGAN David Great Britain

.. Prime Minister Luc Adolphe Tiao his condolences to the relatives of missing © Burkina24

Prime Minister Luc Adolphe Tiao his condolences to the relatives of missing © Burkina24

"Following the crash of the Spanish plane chartered by Air Algeria, ensuring flight 5017 AH linking Ouagadougou occurred yesterday in Algiers Thursday," President Bouteflika "decided a national three-day mourning from Friday," according to a statement from the presidency.
Following this, the Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal ordered the heads of companies and public institutions to the national flag at half mast for three days of mourning.
Six Algerians, including a pilot and a senior cabin of Air Algeria, were in the aircraft chartered from the Spanish Swiftair.

First case, the total lack of communication could be due to the lack of technical means. "In Africa and particularly in this area, means of communication are particularly sketchy. It is very difficult to get in touch depending on location. When this is the case, drivers can still communicate with other aircraft in the vicinity. But given the late hour they were not likely to be flying over the area, "says Francis Uytthenove, spokesman for the Belgian Cockpit Association ( BeCA) and former driver.
Second possibility:.. Serious fault in the machine "Although aircraft are particularly controlled, trouble may happen if this is an unusual problem, it is possible that the pilots wanted nothing found A. Such a scenario has already happened on the flight Rio-Paris. pilots searched failure for nearly four minutes without informing the control tower. Afterwards, it was obviously too late, "says Uytthenove.
Third scenario: the plane would have exploded in flight "If the plane was hit by a missile, like the flight 17 of the Malaysia Airlines for example, pilots obviously do not have the time. enter into communication with anyone, "according to the old driver.
Last hypothesis. Depressurization of the unit "Sometimes the cabin depressurized very slowly without anyone noticing Passengers and crew would then suffocated without having had time to realize it. . This is called hypoxia, "according to the spokesman of the BeCA.